360 Sports Events LLC hosts gymnastics meets. This season we are hosting 10+ events including the first Xcel Championships Invitational. Advertising is a major part of the process and we thought that your company may want to reach the same prospective customers as we do, gymnastics clubs, coaches, gymnasts and their families.

We have three (3) distinct tracks, you may also choose more than one.

Next Year (2018 – 2019) Competitions Advertising Mailer – Place an ad in our 8.5 x 11 full color, glossy magazine that is mailed to every USA Gymnastics and many YMCA and AAU clubs, over 3000 of them. Our target date for distribution is the first week of June 2018. Advertising Mailer Packet

Vending – Be a vendor at one or more of our events. Each event has different requirements based on the expected size of the meet and the requirements of the venue. Our spots fill quickly because we only allow one vendor of a certain type, ie only 1 photographer at each event. We also strategically place the vendors to maximize their exposure to customers. Our standard rate is 20% of gross. Please contact us if an alternative arrangement would be better for both parties due to the unique nature of your business. Deadline Friday, June 30, 2017Vendor Contract Guidelines

Printed Program Advertising – Each ad must be paid for and sent to us electronically 30 days before the 1st day of competition. Vendors automatically receive a free ½ page ad at any meet they are a vendor. The price is two tiered for those meets that historically have 600 or less athletes and meet that have more. In addition, receive 10% off each additional ad you place after the 2nd printed program ad purchase. Program Advertising Packet


Douglas Jonuska

President, 360 Sports Events LLC